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Who managed to set a new world record after spending 71 days crying in the B&Q? (x)

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The backed up artificial River is standing infront of the doctor

River: hello sweetie
*Doctor looks up with his face ;)*
Doctor: you you’ve got no idea how much I’ve missed hearing that
River : don’t I?
Doctor : come with me
River : I’m afraid this is it for me. My times up.
Doctor: if this really is the end. If this really is goodbye then tell me something.
River : anything my love.
Doctor: you’re part time Lord.
River: yes
Doctor: that day. That day in the library, you died.
River: yes I did
Doctor: why didn’t you regenerate?
River (with her face ergh!!!) : Spoilers ;)
*River turns and walks towards light in the distance*
Doctor: RIVER!!! TELL ME!!

Building starts to collapse and explosion happens behind the Doctor.

Doctor (softly and begglingly): tell me.
River: looks like you haven’t got long either.
Doctor: River
River: run you clever boy, and remember *turns as light consumes her*

Doctor looks up with that Matt Smith smile and runs.

I wrote this in 5 minutes sitting on the corner of my bath so it might seem pretty amature but I am crying :)

Just putting this back out there. ;)

This is the place where i don’t feel alone

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Cutest thing ever: When people get really excited about something and end up rambling all about it. You can see how much passion they have for it and it's just the most adorable thing ever